Installation of drinking troughs | infrastructures to support extensive grazing

As part of the Life Landscape Fire project, water troughs were installed to support the maintenance of extensive grazing in the São Macário mountain range, in São Pedro do Sul, on the 10th of May 2023 and in Aguiar da Beira (in the Union of the Parishes of Aguiar da Beira and Coruche) on the 5th of July. Information panels regarding the project were also placed next to the infrastructures mentioned above.

The identification of the need to install these infrastructures in that location was the result of a technical and financial study on the importance of extensive grazing in preventing fires, conducted by Actyva – Sociedad Cooperativa Integral del Suroeste.

Extensive production systems contribute to the sustainability and environmental quality of many habitats, promoting biodiversity, respecting animal welfare, conserving the landscape and rural cultural heritage.

Well-managed grazing improves soil fertility, prevents erosion and is compatible with tree regeneration. Furthermore, the presence of animals helps seed dispersal, promotes nutrient cycling on a landscape scale and reduces the accumulation of plant biomass, thus minimising the impact of rural fires.