European LIFE Programme Approves Application of CIM Viseu Dão Lafões

The CIM Viseu Dão Lafões was approved by the European Commission for an application to the LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency Programme called LANDSCAPE FIRE PROJECT, New Methodologies for Forest Fire Prevention.

This application led by the CIM has as partners the Regional Government of Extremadura, the Mancomunidad Integral Sierra de San Pedro, the University of Extremadura and the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu.

The project will last for 3 years and its main objective is to implement innovative prescribed burning and silvopastoral techniques to create fuel management strips in order to compartmentalise rural areas and thus counteract the large continuous patches that greatly contribute to the intensity of the spread of large fires.

The aim of this project is to reduce the environmental, social and economic impact of forest fires, while also reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and reducing biodiversity loss.

This is an innovative project for the region as it allows leveraging new approaches to preventing forest fires and fostering territorial cooperation. On the other hand, it is a project that meets the measures set out in the Intermunicipal Climate Change Adaptation Plan and plays an important role in the economic and social development of rural areas in the interior of the country.